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Not all grass seed is the same.  Advances in lawn seed technology over the past decade and more have created improved varieties that are more resistant to insects, disease and drought. 
                When you are ready to buy seed, turn to the label on the bag.  By law, the grass seed bag must contain a label that tells you what is inside the bag.  I created a sample label below:
Lawn seed mixture
PURE SEED                                                SEED VARIETY                              GERMINATION
     60%                                                             ABC bluegrass                                     85%
     15%                                                             XYZ fescue                                         85%                               
     24.55%                                                        EFG perennial rye                               90% 
                0.26%   Other crop seed
                0.05%   Weed seed
                0.09%   Inert matter
      Tested   March, 2017
                Each kind of lawn seed is listed by its percentage (purity) by weight in the bag. 
                The germination figure is an important percentage because it tells you how much of each pure seed variety listed will “sprout” and is capable of growing a grass plant.  The higher the percentage the better.
                If any weed seed is present, it is listed by percentage of weight.  We really don’t want any weed seeds, but it is very difficult to catch all weed seeds.  Acceptable limits range from 0.3 to 0.5%.  The higher the percentage of weed seed shown on the label, the poorer the quality. 
                I can’t stress enough about READING THE LABEL with each grass seed bag before making your selection.
                Here at The Great Big Greenhouse & Meadows Farms, we pride ourselves with carrying high quality grass seed.  Our main supplier is Pennington .  They refer to themselves as “The Grass Seed People”.  In addition to the Pennington line of assorted grass seeds, we also carry Class Act 2 grass seed.  With both companies, the bags have a blend of top quality grass seed that has been tested to do well in our region. 
                Did this information help you with understanding how to buy grass seed?  Or, are you more confused as to how to buy the best grass seed for your personal situation?  If so, you are not alone.  A lot of customers come to us needing assistance and advice.  Be sure to stop in soon while the supplies are plentiful.
                September is here.  We have had some good soaking rain to start the month off on the right foot.  Now, it is lawn renovation season.  Don’t miss out on what needs to be done in September.  You want this new grass seed to have time to germinate and grow and become a stronger plant before the leaves begin to fall.
                                                                                                HAPPY GARDENING!!
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