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Fall is “unofficially” here now that we are beyond Labor Day.  Kids are back in school and off to college.  This makes it a good time to get back to work in the yard.  The perfect window for lawn renovation is now through mid-October.  Even though it may still be hot and dry, it is the perfect time of year to aerate and over seed established yards.  Personally, I took advantage  of being off of work for two days and started my yard renovation.  My two sons core aerated my lawn.  I followed up with a Pennington ‘Smart Seed’ blend and a Pennington Starter Fertilizer that is high in phosphate (the middle number with fertilizers).  Once seeded and fertilized I then covered the seed with organic matter instead of using wheat straw.  I prefer not to use wheat straw because of the possible weed content in the straw.  Plus, by using organic matter I am now working with the soil to become more organic.
                Now, here is the quick list of steps to follow for lawn renovation at this time of year:
  1.  First, mow the existing lawn as low as possible.
  2. Be sure to water the lawn at this time.
  3. Core aerate the lawn in order to loosen any compaction of the soil
  4. Spread a good quality grass seed
  5. Follow the seeding process with a good quality starter fertilizer.
  6. Watering is critical at this state.  The warm soil temperatures and moisture will have the new grass seed germinating in 7 to 10 days.  Watering does not need to be anything more than a good soaking of the surface soil.
  7. At this point in lawn renovation we need help from Mother Nature to deliver us some cooler days and some timely rainfall.
  8. At this point you have completed the renovation process for September (S)
  9. Now on to October (O)
  10. October feeding should be a Winterizer fertilizer.  A winterizer fertilizer has no phosphate but more nitrogen and potash which is important to the development of a good, healthy lawn. 
  11. Stay on top of the watering.  With the seed germinated and growing it is important to cut back on you watering to 2 or 3 times a week but be sure that the watering is a deep watering.  You want to grass roots to start growing down deep into the soil.
  12. If you have now mowed your lawn a couple of times, this October feeding could contain a pre-emergence herbicide that will help to keep winter weeds, such as Chickweed, from sprouting.
  13. Your third, and final, application of a winterizing fertilizer should be applied around Thanksgiving or the first part of December (D).
The S.O.D. program is a good program to follow when doing lawn renovation in our region.  Follow this program and this whole process will promise you a beautiful strong lawn for spring of next year. 
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