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BONNIE'S GARDEN--Labor Day Already?

Did it seem to you that summer was awfully short this year?  It did to me.  I’m still waiting for the weather to be pleasant enough to have that family cook-out and suddenly school is starting.  I ran home every night and dragged out the hose to keep my entire yard from wilting (I dread seeing my next water bill).  I feel like I spent most of the summer “waiting out” the heat—and waiting for rain.
I decided to check a few statistics on the month of August in Richmond.  According to the Virginia Water Resource Research Center located at Tech., here in Richmond, August usually sees about 4.66 inches of rain.  This year, .53 inches.  Yes, we were a bit on the dry side.  However, because Mother Nature was SO generous to us in May—and in June-- we’re still several inches ahead for the year.
Believe it or not, August is usually our wettest month.  But you want to know wet?  How about 2004 with a staggering 16.3 inches of rain in August!  That goes along with 2004 being the wettest summer on record with a total 32.65 inches of rain.  12.6 inches of that was due to the remnants of Gaston.  The driest summer on record was 1921 with only 4.46 inches for June through August.  And the driest August in Richmond was a mere .45” of rain back in 1896. 
This year has certainly been one for the record books.  According to data at weather.gov, this year we saw the third driest March (with only 1.02 inches of rain); the wettest May; the 7th wettest June (7.81 inches of rain);  the hottest July; and the third driest August.  I REALLY don’t like setting weather records.
On the other hand, we started September with a nice rain (first time I haven’t had to water something the minute I got home from work) and a few cooler days (before it warms up again).  And the long range weather forecast is calling for more rain next week.  Things aren’t shaping up too bad for the fall planting season!
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