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The Great Indoors--Ice Cube Orchids?

Orchids and ice cubes is a brilliant marketing concept.  It sells orchids by making their care sound super easy.  Well, orchid care is easy, especially for those species and hybrids that adapt well to the lower humidity of our interior environments—Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Masdevallia, many Oncidiums, etc.  When it comes to watering orchids, however, our crew is definitely anti ice cubes!

Like other indoor plants, orchids should be watered thoroughly, so that all roots receive sufficient moisture, before beginning to dry again.  Three ice cubes may do the trick for one plant, but provide too little water for another.  Not to mention that “ice cube” is not a standard measure, with the volume of water per ice cube dependent upon the size of ice cube produced in any given tray or refrigerator ice maker.  Woe be to the person who has to deal with crushed ice! 

Another problem with ice cubes is that they are, well, COLD!  The orchids you may be setting them on are native to climates, where ice cubes are only found at pool-side bars in resorts.  Their poor little heat-loving roots cannot be happy with blocks of ice.  In other words, how often do plants native to the tropical rain forest come in contact with melting frozen water?  Never!

And lastly, watering with ice cubes means you do not take your plants to the sink or hose to experience not only a good thorough watering, but the additional benefit of pouring water over the foliage to humidify and clean the leaves.

So, let’s all drink to beautiful, exotic, easy-care orchids with a tall glass of your favorite iced beverage!
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