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Here are some key gardening chores to be working on this month:
  1.  Everyone needs to be getting ready to move all tropical houseplants inside.  While they are outside now is the time to clean off the leaves in order to rid any insects that may have taken up residency on the plants.  Another tip is to totally submerge the pot into a bucket with a solution of Ivory Soap and water.  Let this solution thoroughly saturate the soil for a while.  This practice will help rid any soil insects.
  2. Pine needles are beginning to fall.  Pine needles are natures’ mulch and they are FREE.  All it takes is a little bit of work and you have wonderful mulch to use.  Pine needles are light and airy and do a great job in insulating the soil and make the ideal mulch for perennials, small fruits, and acid-loving shrubs and trees.
  3. Recently, we have gotten some rainfall.   But, we need to keep our evergreen shrubs and trees watered as they go into colder temperatures.
  4. LAWN CARE  -  October represents the “O” in the S.O.D. lawn care program.  You want to apply your second lawn feeding.  Keep in mind that the last application of fertilizer should be done around Thanksgiving or the first of December ( the “D” ). 
  5. Try to keep lawns free of thick, smothering layers of leaves.
  6. October is a great month to be planting bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, muscari, and others.  Buy your tulip bulbs now while the selection is good but hold on the planting of tulip bulbs until mid-November at the earliest.
  7. Now is the time to divide crowded perennials.
  8. October is a great month to plant “winter hardy” pansies.  The sooner we plant our pansies the stronger and more deeply rooted they will become before the colder winter days.
  9. October is a great month to re-create your container gardens and turn them into beautiful winter gardens.
  10. Now is the time to dig and store tender tubers and bulbs such as caladiums, gladiolas, dahlias and store in a cool, dry location.  A shallow box filled with peat moss or vermiculite makes a good storage unit.
As you can see there is a lot of gardening to be done this month.  Enjoy the sense of autumn in the air.  The evenings are cooler and we have beautiful fall colors to enjoy.
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