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BONNIE'S GARDEN--What's Coming Home With Me

When I look through a bulb vendor’s catalog, I’m trying to remember how many of this bulb I sold last year or did I have any of that bulb left at the end of the season; I’m referring to a list I keep of customers who are looking for 50 of these or 100 of those.  But, there is a part of me—a customer part—who just looks at the pictures and thinks “Gee, that’s pretty.”

So here is a list of bulbs (some new favorites) that I’m taking home this year:

First, some tulips.  “But tulips don’t do well for me” you say.  Well, if you plant them right and in the right spot, they’ll do great. Plant them 10 to 12 inches deep so the squirrels and voles don’t get them—yeah, I know voles burrow but they burrow in the top six to eight inches.  Deeper than eight inches and they miss them altogether.  Make sure they’re planted in an area that does NOT get hit with sprinklers—tulips love a dry summer rest.

Vincent Van Gogh—this is a later spring bloomer—probably end-April or first of May.  It’s a luscious dark, almost black, burgundy with delicate feathered edges on the petals.  I love dark colors in the garden—it makes pastels or brighter colors really stand out.

Zampa Parrot—Frilled, ruffled, large and showy—Pale yellow flowers with a pink blush top out at only six to eight inches.  This one is what is called a botanical tulip.  This means it is a particularly strong grower.

Linifolia—Linifolia is a specie tulip—especially strong and durable.  Linifolia has brilliant red flowers that open up like glossy stars in the sun.  It’s a six inch tall sweetie that’s going to be perfect in front of my perennial bed.  My favorite tulip.  I’ve been unable to find it for about ten years so was thrilled to get my hands on it.

Now, a few daffodils.  I love all daffodils, don’t get me wrong, but these three are just a bit different.

Tripartite—This is a daffodil with three to four fragrant sunny yellow flowers that look like little butterflies perched on the stem.  It has won several awards.

Blushing Lady—This is a Virginia-bred daffodil (bred by Brent and Becky’s Bulbs in Gloucester).  It’s a pretty soft yellow with a rich pink cup.  Since it is a jonquilla, it’s sweetly fragrant and you can bank on it having two to three flowers per stem.

Katie Heath--Another Brent and Becky hybrid (named after Brent’s mother).  It’s white with a pink cup, about 10 to 12 inches tall and blooms two to three flowers per stem.

Three bearded iris—Best Bet is a gorgeous two-toned blue AND it’s a re-bloomer.  Reblooming iris bloom in the spring with all their spring-blooming cousins, but bloom again late summer/early fall.  With Best Bet, Immortality, another re-bloomer, should look good.  Immortality is a beautiful pure white.  Both of these are about three feet tall and good strong bloomers.  We have some mini-iris which would work planted in front of these.

Lastly, one bulb that I plant every single year.    Ipheion—Spring Starflower.  This is, hands down, my favorite bulb and, since I can’t afford to buy a thousand of them, I buy a couple/three dozen every year.  Eventually, I’ll get enough.  Ipheion has a star-shaped flower available in lavender or shades of blue.  It’s around eight to ten inches tall, deer/pest resistant, and blooms over a month in mid-spring.  And it’s fragrant.

We have a great selection of bulbs right now so come in and maybe you’ll find a favorite, too.
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