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October is a busy month when it comes to gardening. 
                If you have been waiting for some rain before you seed or over seed your lawn, I would recommend not waiting much longer.  You are up against heavy leaf fall if you wait too much longer.  Leaves on the lawn will block the sunlight needed for grass seed growth.  Our soil temperature is warm and you will have germination within 10 days of applying new grass seed.  You just need to stay on top of watering.  Also, if you are following the S.O.D. program then you know that October is a critical month to apply your second application of fertilizer to the lawn.
                So, what else is going on in October when it comes to planting?
Fall color is the name of the game right now.  October is the month to plant the “winter hardy” pansies.  Have you heard of the Cool Wave Pansy?  Cool Wave pansies have a spreading or trailing growing habit and make beautiful hanging baskets for the fall and winter.  Or, they are good in planter boxes or containers and will cascade over the sides to hide the edges of the container.
October is the perfect bulb planting month.  When it comes to bulb planting, consider planting some ALLIUM BULBS.  I am talking about the ornamental flowering allium and not onions or garlic that are members of the allium family.  These ornamental bulbs produce a spectacular large, purple, globe-shaped flower – about the size of a baseball -  in late spring.  And, with so many of you living in deer country, allium flowers and foliage are deer tolerant.
Speaking of garlic, now is the time to plant garlic cloves.  Many gardeners say to plant garlic in mid-October, which is right now. 
Many retail garden centers, including us, are marking down spring and summer blooming perennials, such as phlox, salvia, coreopsis, peonies and many others at this time.  Now is a great time to plant and save a lot of money at the same time.  This past week a friend came in and bought a cart load of the perennial hibiscus plants that we marked down for the season.  The plants look terrible BUT you are planting for next year.  He is a smart buyer and knows when to buy and how to save money at the same time.  And, many of these perennials can be divided at this time which makes even a better savings with buying and planting perennials at this time.
October is a great month to start incorporating native plants into your exisitng landscape.  Using native plants has been a strong gardening trend for a few years now.  And, it appears that this trend is here to stay because people are learning the benefits and advantages with native plants.
Shrubs and trees can be planted in October.  Matter of fact, October is a fantastic month to be planting.  Our average first frost date of the season is around the 20th of October in this region.  Don’t let a frost stop you from planting.  Our ground is still quite warm.  Only frozen ground will stop you from planting and this may not happen until after the first of the year.
                                                HAPPY GARDENING!!!
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