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BONNIE'S GARDEN--The Bulbs I'm Adopting This Fall...

Every fall, about this time, I have to decide which fall bulbs I’m going to take home with me.  This gets harder and harder every year as the available space in my garden gets smaller and smaller!  Still, I’ll always make sure I have room—even if I have to resort to pots.  So here’s my wish list this year:

Double Narcissus Tete Boucle—this one is a “sport” of the popular Tete-a-Tete miniature daffodil.  It has two to three sunny yellow double-petaled flowers atop a 6 to 8” stem and blooms in March.  It should naturalize as readily as does Tete-a-Tete and I love mini-daffodils anyway because they are tough durable flowers.

Ornithogalum Ponticum Sochi—aka Star of Bethlehem.  This is a beautiful but well-behaved relative of the old Star of Bethlehem which is an aggressive spreader and nearly impossible to get rid of.  This “Star” has starry white flowers atop a 16” stem and is pest resistant.

Tulips Mt. Tacoma and Starline—Mt. Tacoma is a beautiful double white May blooming tulip.  Starline is a double red and white bicolor.   These are going in a pot on my deck, planted about 10” deep.  I’ll cover them over and at 6” plant Thalia—a white late blooming daffodil.  On top, I’ll plant blue pansies.  I’ll get to enjoy the pansies all winter and in spring when the tulips and daffodils come up, I’ll have a bouquet in a pot.

Tulips White Flag and Ile de France—White Flag is a gorgeous white April blooming tulip and Ile de France is a bright red. These will go in by the sidewalk in a pot with blue pansies on top and white crocus tucked in between the pansies.  The crocus will come up first (to remind me that spring is on the way) followed by the tulips a few weeks later.

I’m going to add daffodils Smiling Sun and Minnow to the patch in the side flower bed.  Smiling Sun is a beautiful 16” tall white daffodil with a bright yellow center that sort of “bleeds” into the white petals.  It’s very fragrant.  As big and beautiful as Smiling Sun is, Minnow is tiny and beautiful.  Minnow is about 8” inches tall with three to five quarter-sized flowers on a stem.  The pretty white flowers have a yellow center and are also very fragrant.

Peony Krinkled White. It has gorgeous glossy dark green foliage topped with daisy-like flowers that are white with a yellow center.  It was the 2009 Award of Merit winner from the American Peony Society.  This goes in the side year where deer occasionally wander by.  Since they don't eat peonies. it should live a long and happy life.

Finally, Scilla Spring Beauty.  Spring Beauty is an early spring bloomer with sprays of vivid blue flowers.  It’s only about 6” tall so I actually tuck it in the lawn under the maple tree in the front yard.  By the time the yard needs mowing, it will have long since finished blooming.

So there’s a partial list. I didn’t even mention the little spring Starflowers (Ipheion) that I tuck in everywhere, every  year, or the specie crocus that I always add to my lawn (alongside the Spring Beauty)

Maybe, at some point, I’ll have to see if my neighbors would mind if I planted in their yards.

If you want your yard to be filled with beautiful colorful bulbs this coming spring, stop by the Great Big Greenhouse now and select the bulbs that will be just right for YOUR garden!   
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