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After having one of the wettest September on record the ground is prime for planting this month.  Here are a few gardening tasks to work on this month:
  1.  Now is the time to plant the winter hardy pansies.  I know some of you are hesitant to plant pansies because the summer annuals are still looking good.  But, the sooner we plant the pansies the more established they will be before winter.  Also, be sure to add a little Espoma Bio-Tone  in each hole.  Bio-Tone will aid in the development of a bigger and healthier root system.
  2. Lawn care  -  October is the month that we want to feed our cool season fescue lawns.  The third, and last, feeding should be done around Thanksgiving and the first of December.
  3. This is the perfect time to dig and divide many of our perennials before they disappear for the winter.
  4. Houseplants need to start being prepped and ready to bring inside for the winter.  Most tropical do not like temperatures in the 40’s.  Our average first frost of the fall season is around October 20.
  5. This is bulb planting time.  Daffodils, hyacinths, crocus – and other minor bulbs can be planted now.  Hold off on planting tulip bulbs until mid-November when our soil temperature has cooled.
  6. Try to keep your water gardens free from falling leaves.  A netting works great.
  7. Pine trees are beginning to shed needles.  Pine needles make great mulch for our trees and shrubs.  And, best of all – it is FREE!!!
Happy Gardening!!
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