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BONNIE'S GARDEN--This Year's Favorite Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Every year, people ask me what my favorite bulbs are.  Now my favorites can change depending on my mood, the weather, and the day of the week but there are always bulbs which stand the test of time.  So, here they are—my “current” top ten list.

10.  Alliums—love that onion family.  Deer/voles/critters don’t eat them.  They offer a wide range of varieties—from 10” tall rock-garden varieties to 5 foot tall giants with 8 to 10” diameter flower heads in late spring.

9.  Crocus—I’m a sucker for early-spring flowers.  I’m not really a winter fan so flowers that pop up in late February and remind me that spring is on its way are much appreciated in my book!  And that brings me to my next favorite—

8.  Snowdrops.  Mine were blooming last February as 17” of snow melted around them.  ‘Nuff said.

7.  Iris—from three foot tall bearded iris to 6” tall mini early iris, I love them all.  A pest-resistant perennial, easy care and lots of colors to choose from.

6.  Hyacinths—Fragrance anyone?  From pure white to dark blue, with lavenders, pinks and even pastel yellows in between—and deer don’t eat them.  (You’ll notice a lot of my favorites are pest-resistant)

5.  Tulips—Talk about a rainbow of colors—from white to burgundy-black and every color in between (with the exception of true blue) I love my tulips.  I have them in pots by my door, on the back deck, and a bunch by the mailbox (surrounded by daffodils to deter the deer).  And speaking of daffodils—

4.  Daffodils—I love all of these pest-resistant tough little bulbs—but I’ll admit to a special fondness for the miniature and rockgarden varieties.  So many of these are fun, fragrant and multi-flowering—and not found in my neighbor’s yard!  Love those big yellow Dutch Masters but everybody has them—so I tend to go for the ones my neighbors DON’T have.

3.  Muscari aka Grape Hyacinths.  They naturalize readily under the trees in my yard and come in varying shades of blue/lavenders—my favorite colors.  And pests don’t like them either.

2.  Hyacinthoides aka Spanish Bluebells aka Wood Hyacinths.  Shade tolerant, pest-proof, naturalize readily.  Need I say any more?

1.  Ipheion aka Spring Starflower--bright cheery star-shaped flowers in pale lavender or shades of blue.  The flowers last a full month and these pest-resistant durable plants even thrive on the red clay/granite slope in my backyard where little else does.

All this aside, I love my peonies (who wouldn’t love fragrant flowers up to 10” in diameter—again, that deer don’t eat).  I love my anemones (they look like bright poppies and have pretty lacy foliage).  I love my Eranthis (Winter Buttercups) with their sunny yellow flowers and love my Scilla Siberica (Siberian Squill) with their early spring blooms.  I’m really fortunate that I don’t have to choose between them.
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