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It is really important now to watch the weather forecasts for frost warnings.  My houseplants are still outside, enjoying the rain and cooler weather…my tropicals are blooming like crazy now that hot dry summer is gone.  I don’t mean to say that the hibiscus and angel trumpets don’t like heat.  They do, however, like water and I don’t like watering!

If you don’t wish to participate in the annual rush to rescue plants from frost, start now.  Look your plants over for pests, checking under the rim of the pots and the bottom of the pots, as well.   Treat accordingly (usually a good spray from your hose will dislodge most critters.)  Prune as needed to fit the plants into your indoor space or to shape them up after a summer of uncontrolled growth.

Be careful with your watering as the plants adapt to the drier, darker indoor environment.  Check the soil frequently to test for water needs until the plants settle into a new routine.  Centrally-heated air may cause plants to dry faster than they did out in the blazing hot sun!

This is not a good time to repot unless the plant is desperate for more space.  Plant growth, including that of the root system, should slow down over the winter. 

If you find you have very little space available for indoor plants, remember that the more popular tropicals will all be available again next year, and give priority to unusual plants or to those with sentimental meaning.
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