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Kaleidoscope Abelia is an evergreen shrub in our region.  It is hardy up to zone 6 ( we are zone 7 in Central Virginia).  One attractive feature of Kaleidoscope is its variegated bright golden yellow and light green foliage on red stems.
                Kaleidoscope is a compact evergreen shrub mounding in height of 2 to 3 feet and 3 to 4 feet wide.  It has small white tubular flowers in late summer into fall.  These flowers are attractive to butterflies.  Other special features is that it has exfoliating bark, has no thorns, and is not invasive.  The one negative feature for those of you who live in deer country is that Abelia shrubs are not deer tolerant.
                When planting, be sure you plant in a location that gets full sun to partial shade.  The soil should be enriched with some organic compost at the time of planting to create a well drain soil.  Once established the Kaleidoscope is drought tolerant.
                Kaleidoscope responds well to being pruned in order to keep its mounding, compact growing habit.  According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Guide to Successful Pruning the proper time to prune an Abelia shrub is between November and February.
                Now that it is October, Kaleidoscope is still in bloom but the foliage is beginning to show its fall / winter coloring.  The yellow and light green leaves are beginning to change to attractive orange and maroon colors.  And, this is the main reason that I love this plant and have selected it to be my highlight plant for October.
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