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BONNIE'S GARDEN--My Thanksgiving List...

Thanksgiving is this week so here’s my annual “What I’m Thankful for in my Garden” list:
  1.  I’m thankful that the lemon balm I allowed to escape from the pot is relatively easy to pull up—and pull up—and pull up….
  2.  I’m thankful that the new variety of veggie seed I tried this year turned out to be incredibly fun and easy and vigorous.  Cucamelon, aka Mouse Melon, is a cucumber family relative with little fruits that look like mini-watermelons but taste like a cucumber married a pickle!  These were incredible viners and were not bothered with powdery mildew like the regular cukes were, nor were insects a problem.  I got lots of little crunchy fruits that were fun to snack on.
  3. I’m more than thankful that I actually saw some honeybees this year, on the clover I’ve encouraged to grow in the backyard.  I can’t say I saw hundreds, but even a couple of dozen were more than I saw last year. 
  4. And along with the bees, I actually had enough Monarch butterflies to eat all of my milkweed so had to go looking for more!  All in all, not a bad problem to have at all.
  5. I’m grateful to my Dad who gave me my own gardening plot when I was, oh, six or seven, and told me he’d plant any three things in my little three-foot square that I wanted.  I chose a hollyhock, a tomato, and a pumpkin.  By the end of the summer, the tomato had tried to overtake the hollyhock, who simply towered over it, and the pumpkin had run out in to the lawn where I had to lift the long vines every time Dad mowed the grass.  But he never tried to discourage me.
  6. I’m grateful for every cucumber, tomato and green bean I picked because fresh always tastes better, but I’m equally grateful for every dahlia flower that hosted a butterfly, every clover blossom in my backyard, and even for the lemon balm that is taking over the side yard (because it makes a delicious hot tea…)
  7. I’m grateful that I still find pleasure it my garden.  It is my “happy” place, my refuge.  Sitting on my deck at the end of a long day, is de-stressing and soothing.  Sitting out there for a moment on a warm summer morning, energizes me.
  8. And, I’m grateful that I still find magic and mystery in every single seed, every single bulb I plant.
I hope you find solace and energy and magic in your garden.  Happy Thanksgiving.
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