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It seems, from provided statistics, that we have recovered quickly from the 2015 Avian Influenza that devastated the turkey growing industry.  It is forecasted that over 6 billion pounds of turkey meat will be produced in the U.S. this year.  The extra production will be needed as our society has become more health-conscious and desires more lean protein.
                Did you know that Virginia ranks sixth among turkey-producing states?  The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says the number of turkeys raised in the state this year is expected to total 17.4 million.  That’s up 4 percent from last year.
                Here are some quick tidbits about turkeys:
  1.  The typical Thanksgiving turkey weighs about 16 pounds.
  2. The United States produced about 233 million turkeys in 2015.
  3. It takes about 28 days for a turkey egg to hatch and about 22 weeks for a tom turkey to reach market size.
  4. Turkeys are native to northern Mexico and the eastern United States.
  5. Henry VIII was the first English king to enjoy turkey and Edward VII made a turkey-eating fashionable at Christmas.
  6. Baby turkeys are called puts, male turkeys are called toms, and female turkeys, hens.
  7. Male turkeys gobble.  Hens do not.  They make a clicking noise.
  8. Turkey is low in fat and high in protein.  It has more protein than chicken or beef.  White meat has fewer calories and less fat than dark meat.
  9. The five most popular ways to serve leftover turkey:  as a sandwich, in stew, chili or soup, casseroles and as a burger. 
  10. The ballroom dance the “turkey trot” was named for the short, jerky steps that turkeys take.
As you sit down with friends and family this holiday, remember to thank a farmer for making this meal available and affordable.
                                                                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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