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FALL IS FOR PLANTING and it is still fall in November.  Don’t let our calendar dictate your gardening decisions.  We still have warm soil temperature and we have had some recent rainfall which all leads to a very good time to be outside and gardening this month.
Here are some key gardening chores that should be done in November:
  1. Trees are dropping their leaves.  Even evergreens, like pines and junipers, shed their old leaves or needles eventually.  These can be used for mulch or you can create compost.  Finished compost is a valuable soil amendment and it is FREE WITH JUST A LITTLE WORK.
  2. We need to keep newly planted shrubs and trees watered as we enter late fall.  You want to deep water regularly throughout the first growing season.  Soak the ground slowly once or twice each week.
  3. Proper mulching is key to being successful in keeping shrubs and trees alive.  Mulch lightly to keep weeds and grass away from the trunk.  Mulch should be no more than 1” deep at the trunk and increase 2”-3” away from the trunk. 
  4. Closer to Thanksgiving you should give your fescue lawn its last feeding of the season.
  5. Don’t forget about our beloved feathered friends.  If you are a seasonal bird feeder like me, now is the time to start putting out your bird feeders.
  6. Many people are now draining their outdoor water fountains for the season.  If possible, turn the bowl(s) upside down so not to collect any water.  Or, use a plastic fountain cover to prevent water collecting in the bowls that could cause later damage.
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