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All summer long, I love my garden—even on hot days.  I don’t mind watering/weeding because the pay-off is tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans…  Then fall comes.  While I don’t mind relief from summer heat, when the sun gets lower in the sky, my garden bed gets less sun than it did earlier.  I only have one little patch that gets enough sun—and it’s stuffed full of broccoli, cabbage and kale.

It’s easy to get hooked on dealing with the fresh bounty of summer—you enjoy it, can or freeze the rest and give excess away to friends.  My freezer is filled with plastic freezer bags of green beans, sweet peppers, even tomatoes.  But I still want that wonderful fresh produce I’ve gotten used to over the summer.  My tiny little garden patch is too small to give me much.

This time of year, I especially appreciate Farmers Markets.  I certainly love them in the summer, when sweet corn is available and watermelons and cantaloupes abound.  But this time of year, I can still have access to impeccably fresh locally grown produce—broccoli, cauliflower, collards, kale, winter squash, fresh beets, baby radishes, White Lady turnips, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard--and when Brussels sprouts finally come in---oh my!

Besides the fact that the food is fresh and delicious, there are other important reasons to shop local whenever you can.  When you shop at Kroger or Martin’s most of your money goes out of state.  Some even goes out of the country!  When you buy local, your money circulates in our community, strengthening our local economy. 

Did you know that buying local even helps our environment?  According to the EPA industrial pollution of all types is responsible for about half of our pollution problem.  When you buy local, there is significantly less processing, packaging and shipping involved.

Supporting local businesses is important to me—whether it’s Virginia farmers or local artisans like I have at my Farmers Market or whether it’s a local hardware store, restaurant or garden center!  I like knowing that my hard-earned dollars are staying in Virginia and not winding up in California—or China!  I love that my locally bought produce not only tastes better but IS better because it’s not only flavor we lose out of weeks-old produce, but nutrients as well.  I love that the crafts from local artisans are unique and not made by the thousands and distributed to every Walmart everywhere. 

I love that there are now year-round Farmers Markets where I can have access to fresh local food and crafts from local artisans all year long—including the Farmers Market here at The Great Big Greenhouse (every Thursday from 10 until 2).
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