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BONNIE'S GARDEN--Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving was this past Thursday and it was a fairly mild November day.  Mid-afternoon, I spent a little time in the yard, doing a few last-minute pre-winter chores.  Part of my garden is growing broccoli, cabbage and kale, so I top-dressed with a little fertilizer (Bulb-tone—yes, you CAN use it on something besides bulbs) and pulled out a stray weed or two.  The unused part of my garden got a couple inches of mushroom compost, along with a handful of Greensand (Greensand is marine minerals and a rich source of trace minerals).

As is tradition in my family, a few bulbs got planted.  When I was a little girl, my mother’s parents lived in Victoria, about an hour away so we went there for Thanksgiving every other year.  When we would arrive, my grandmother would give all of the grandkids a sugar cookie decorated like a pumpkin, a bag of bulbs and a hand-trowel and tell us to go work up an appetite, while the adults gathered in the kitchen and either sat around the table and talked or helped get dinner ready. When my grandparents moved in with us, the tradition continued and, even now, I still save a few bulbs to plant on Thanksgiving.

As I “worked off” dinner, I reflected on what I was thankful for this year in my garden.  I am thankful that my green beans did very well this year—the green bean casserole we ate was made from beans that I grew and froze.  I am also thankful for the corn in the corn pudding that came from locally grown sweet corn purchased at the Farmers Market mid-summer.  

I am thankful that the lemon balm that escaped from its container and began to take over the perennial bed at the side of the house has not made it out into the yard yet.  Note to myself:  Do not ever forget that lemon balm reseeds like crazy.

I am thankful for the tiger lilies that have dropped hundreds (maybe even thousands) of little babies which have grown into even more tiger lilies—even while I was pulling them out of the cracks in the patio.  Yeah, I’m really really thankful….

I’m thankful that even thought I did NOT treat for those little “inchworms” last year, the migrating birds came back soon enough to eat them before they did much damage to my maple tree—and the ones on my little five foot tall Japanese maple, I just “flicked” off.

I’m thankful for every single caterpillar I found, because that meant that there would be a butterfly later and I'm grateful for every single hummingbird, honeybee and bumblebee I saw.  I just wish I'd seen more...

Most of all, I am thankful that I not only have a garden to obsess over, sweat over and play in, but that I have a Farmers Market here that provides me with the locally grown produce I don’t have room to grow, as well as local honey, free-ranged eggs, and humanely raised meats.
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