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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Stuffed with Turkey and all aglow with the holiday’s tradition of families sitting around the dining room table, each member offering something for which he or she is grateful, I began musing upon those things for which I am thankful.  One major blessing for me has been to make my living working with plants in the soul-satisfying environment of a greenhouse.  I can honestly say that, for most of my working life, I have looked forward to going to work each day.  Like other forms of gardening, caring for plants in the garden center puts one in touch with nature, prompts musings on the beauty and mystery of the world, and stimulates the senses with the smell of damp earth when you water and with sunlight as it flickers on the leaves.  And, as much as I enjoy working in bright sunlight, the sound of rain falling gently on the greenhouse roof is another periodic pleasure.  And thunderstorms…wow!
An added bonus to garden center employment is that most of ones co-workers are also in a good mood, as are most of the customers.  We have customers who come in regularly just to brighten their day by strolling around inside this little tropical paradise, sometimes taking a potted fern or flowering plant home to transport this feeling to their own sunny windowsill.  Those of us who work here are probably the biggest customers, who, even after a day of unloading heavy, wet root balls from a truck or wrestling with a kinked hose (seemingly having the power and determination of an anaconda), take our newly found treasure through the registers and home to our own gardens, indoor or out.
Most of us come running when we hear over the walkie-talkie that a toad, black snake, lizard, or gigantic insect has been spotted, not to mention rabbits, feral cats, possums, wild ducks, raccoons, etc.  Sharing part of my day with the resident bull frog is just the right amount of contact with nature for this city girl.    
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