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This may be a short blog this week.  But, it is being inspired by so many customers asking me about acorns and how many they have this year and none last year.
                Folklore has it that many acorns is a sign of a harsh winter.  I don’t know about you but I was darn cold last year and I had no acorns from all my oak trees.  This year, I have bucket loads of acorns and our weather experts are predicting a more mild winter.  So much for believing in folklore.
                So, if we toss out folklore, let’s look at science for explaining acorn production.  Arborists have told me that it is more efficient for oak trees to spike their production of acorns periodically.  I also learned that, of all the different varieties of oak trees, the White Oak trees are the biggest producers of acorns.  But, more than anything our weather can have the biggest effect on acorn production.  Drought or wet seasons can have an effect.  Last year it is suspected that early season frost caused damage to oak flowers resulting in poor pollination success.
                Using my own yard as an indicator than our oak trees had no problem this year producing acorns.  So, our community wildlife – squirrels, deer, mice, and others are going to be quite fat and happy this winter.
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