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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Embracing Wildlife in the Garden

You may be surprised that I chose to write about toads.  So am I.  But, I was inspired by a toad that hopped out from under a plant while I was watering.

            One of nature’s great insecticides is the toad.  Inviting toads into your garden makes sense.  Whether you find this humble animal ugly or adorable, it will eat its way through around a hundred bugs a night.

            Toads have a dry, bumpy skin that absorbs water so placing a small saucer of water in a sheltered spot allows the toad to drink.

            Toads are burrowers and need a safe place to hang out during the day when the sun is hot and predators like snakes or cats are out and about.  A toad house provides the perfect resting place for a toad.  You can buy attractive toad houses.  Or, do what I have done which is to use a broken clay pot as a toad house.  I have the clay pot turned upside down with the broken opening nestled down in some ground cover.  This broken clay pot not only serves as a toad house but I also use it as a plant stand.  I sit a container garden full of blooming annuals on top.

            So, the next time you come in the store, check out our selection of toad houses.  And be creative with some of your broken pottery.  Do what you can to invite toads to your garden.  Your plants will benefit from their presence.



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