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Wow!  May is ending up as being a month to remember for being one of the wettest and coolest May on record.  Now, we need work on our June gardening chores.  Here are just a few of the more important tasks to accomplish.
                June gardening chores:
  1.  If you are one who likes to start new plants from cuttings, now is the time to take softwood cuttings from azaleas and boxwoods.  Use a rooting hormone to assist with the process.
  2. With May being so wet and cool, June is set up to be a good planting month.  So, if you are running behind on your planting of annuals or perennials because of the wet month of May, June is still a good planting month.
  3. With the wet May, we need to be very cognoscente that Mother Nature has helped create a mosquito mecca.  Be sure to empty out any containers that are holding stagnate water.  Use mosquito dunks in ponds and birdbaths.  Mosquito dunks will kill the mosquito larvae and are biologically safe to pets and animals.
  4. Be sure to “deadhead” annual bedding plants as the flower fades.  This practice will encourage new growth and continued new flowers.
  5. As we begin to warm, check all your annuals, vegetables, and perennials for aphids on the new growth.  Aphids can be controlled easily with soap and water bath or safe products such as Safer Soap or Horticultural Oil.
  6. Remember, that most insects in the garden are not pests but can be beneficial.  Just keep this in mind and be careful about using chemicals unnecessarily. 
Happy June Gardening
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