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Now that May is here we have many gardening chores to do this month.
Here is a short list of timely chores that needs to be done this month:
  1.  Once spring bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, etc. have flowered, cut off the old blooms and allow the foliage to die back naturally.  Also, this is the time to fertilize your bulbs.  We recommend feeding with Espoma Bulb-Tone.
  2. Once your azaleas have finished blooming they can be trimmed – only if needed.  And, this is the time to fertilize.  We recommend feeding azaleas with Espoma Holly-Tone.  Also, this will be the time to treat your azaleas for Lace Bug damage.
  3. Now that it is May – we are good to go with planting summer annuals and summer vegetables and herbs.
  4. If you are fighting crabgrass in your lawn, now is the time to put down that second application of pre-emergence crabgrass preventer.
  5. Water your vegetable garden in the morning so plants have time to dry before the cool of the evening.
  6. PLANT MORE FLOWERS – especially those flowers that are attractive to bees and butterflies.  Plant flowers around your vegetable and herb gardens in order to attract beneficial insects.
May is lining up to be a fantastic planting month.              KEEP ON PLANTING!!!  
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