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The Eugenia myrtifolia (Australian Brush-Cherry) makes an attractive tropical topiary, its small glossy dense leaves lending themselves to shaping into balls, cones, and spirals.  This is a great summer container plant for a sunny deck or patio and it can also be kept as a houseplant with adequate light.

Native to New South Wales and Queensland, the Eugenia does best in full to part sun outside, with even moisture and good drainage.  Occasional pruning is required to maintain the topiary form.  Small white puff-ball stamen flowers are followed by small red edible berries. 
Bring the Eugenia inside before frost and place it in a bright window or in direct morning sun.  If allowed to dry too much, the leaves will quickly turn crispy brown, so check for water needs regularly.  This plant is known in horticulture as Sygygium paniculatum (sizz-ZYE-gee-um).  Take your pick as to which is easier to remember, although Eugenia myrtifolia is easier to say.
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