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Mushroom compost is the composted result of a rich medium for growing mushrooms.  It is made from agricultural materials, such as hay, straw, poultry litter, cottonseed meal, and gypsum.  Sphagnum peat moss adds to the organic nature of the compost.

                After mushrooms are harvested, the mushroom compost is steam treated prior to removal to eliminate any pests, pathogens, and weed seeds resulting in a agricultural fertilized product.

                Mushroom compost has high water and nutrient holding capacity and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems.  As a fertilizer and organic soil amendment, mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of applications to the lawn and landscape gardens.

                Here is another benefit for  using mushroom compost in your gardens:  Are you familiar, or have you experienced Artillery Fungus?  Artilllery  fungus ”shoots” its black, sticky spore masses, which can be windblown as high as the second story of a house.  The spore masses stick to the side of a building or car and resemble a small speck of tar.  These spore masses are very difficult to remove without damaging the surface to which it is attached.  If removed, it leaves a stain.  According to study at Penn State when mushroom compost is mixed with mulch in proportions of just 20 to 40 percent, the artillery fungus is inhibited.

                We sell mushroom compost in bags and in bulk.  And, it has become one of our best selling composts because people are beginning to realize the benefits of using mushroom compost in gardens.

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