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1.        Move your house plants outdoors when the night temperatures stay above 50 degrees F.  Avoid sunburning the foliage by moving the plants gradually from the relative darkness of the house to their bright, summer location.  Start by putting them in a well-shaded location and progressing to increasingly lighted areas.

2.       Birds have five basic needs:  food, water, shelter from hot and cold weather, nesting sites, and protection from predators.  Supply these and you will have many more birds around your home to entertain you and control insect pests.

3.       Toads eat cutworms and other insect pests.  Give them a home in your garden by placing inverted, clay flower pots in shady spots.  Chip out a piece of the pot rim to give the toads an entrance to their home.

4.       Hummingbirds are here !!  Now is the time to put out clean hummingbird feeders.  Enjoy !!

5.       Attract beneficial insects to your garden.  Plant dill, lavender, fennel, yarrow, parsley, and sunflowers.

6.       Now is the time to prune and feed azaleas and rhododendrons.  If, and this is a very important word, azaleas and rhododendrons need to be pruned be sure to do this before July.  In July is when they will set their flower buds for the following year.  Espoma Holly-Tone is an excellent choice for feeding these plants.

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