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It’s hard to image that The Great Big Greenhouse and the NBC 12 Weather Alert Team have been co-hosting this event for 13 years.  I guess I chalk this up as just another example of how old I am becoming (Ha). 
This all started in 2005.  Over the years we’ve learned our lesson and we now organize this event indoors. We have experienced five different times whereby we have had rain on this event. Our extended weather forecast is showing a possibility of some rain on the 25th.  But, don’t let this possible forecast dampen you’re enthusiasm of wanting to attend because the 350 seats are set up inside the comforts of the greenhouse. But, regardless, we will have so much fun on this day.
Thank goodness we seem to be past all this cold temperatures and the threat of snow.  It is unfortunate that our recent cold spell has done some damage to our flowering trees and shrubs.  But, that is all that we lost because all these hardy plants are still healthy and will survive.  I am sure that you want to confront this weather team with all your pent up frustration with this weather pattern.  For one, I am looking forward to what you have to say and ask the weather team about this spring.
            Weather in the Garden is, without a doubt, the premier gardening event in the Richmond area.  We are so proud of our relationship with NBC 12 and providing all of you this unique opportunity to meet Jim Duncan, Andrew Frieden, Ros Runner, and Megan Wise as well as providing this opportunity to bring all of your gardening questions to the event.
 In addition, we are so proud to have so many horticultural experts as our guests this year.  We will have Bonnie Satterthwaite here from Espoma, Jay Bogash from Massarelli, Steve Snow from BFG, Chris Hale from Pennington Seed, Chesterfield Master Gardeners providing a plant clinic, Trishia Shellenberger & Jim Messina with Messina, and Bridget McMurtrie of Patapsco.
We have a great program scheduled for the day.  Be sure to arrive early to grab a seat and get one of our free gift bags that are full of goodies.  At the end of the program one of you will win a $250.00 gift card from The Great Big Greenhouse & Meadows Farms Nursery.
See you there!!!!!!
                                                Happy Gardening!!!!!
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