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We are all reading articles about our bee population and the collapse of bee colonies.  I am going to keep this blog very simple and to the point.  This blog is being inspired by customers who have attended our free, educational seminars and have raised concerns and confusion as to the cause.  There seems to be varying causes for this drastic drop in our bee population including mites, parasites, exposure to pesticides, and loss of forage land.  We need to keep in mind that this problem is not a recent problem but has been going on for decades. 
Bottom line is that we have a problem and there are some steps that we, as home owners, can do to help improve the bee population.
Here are some simple steps that we can take to help our bee population:
  1. Lawn care  -  reduce the use of herbicides and let the clover and dandelions grow.  Bees love both flowers.
  2. When applying insecticides be sure not to spray anything while in flower.  Also, spray early in the morning or late in the evening when the bees are not buzzing around. 
3.As homeowners we need to learn to read the product labels carefully and apply all insecticides and pesticides correctly.
  1. Plant more flowers.  Bees love the colors purple, yellow, and orange.  Consider planting some Russian Sage, Bee Balm, Lavender, Cone Flowers, and as many other perennials and annuals as possible.
There are no easy answers or quick remedies but we need to start and we need to think our strategy and what we can do to help the cause.
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