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GARDEN TALK with DOUG - Winter Damage to plants - What do I do now?

A common gardening question lately: “My rosemary, sage, and other evergreen plants look dead.  Am I suppose to cut off the dead looking parts?”

                March came in like a lion and seems to be leaving us like a lion.  It is now officially spring but it still feels like winter.  There is no question that we have experienced a longer, colder, winter this year compared to our past couple of winters.  We, humans, have been spoiled with the mild winters of the past.  But mild winters have many plant challenges as well when our plants begin to grow and bloom in February leaving them vulnerable to the typical freezing and frosty days of March. 

                Many of our favorite herbs, such as rosemary and sage and some of our evergreens, such as gardenia and azaleas are experiencing winter die back or winter leaf burn.  Our plants may not have adapted to a colder than normal Zone 7 winter.

                Personally, I have two large rosemary plants that have been growing beautifully for the past three years.  Not this year!  They are brown and brittle!

                My advice to myself and others is to be patient and not overreact by assuming that our plants are dead.  Using pruners, I recommend checking for brittle foliage and stems and trim off until you come to some “green”wood. This is the game plan with my rosemary plants.  And, I hope that I find “green” wood.  If not, then I pull them out and start over!

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