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  There is some confusion when determining if, or how, a plant is considered “native”.  In my opinion, the best definition for a ‘native” comes from the Virginia Native Plant Society:

                Native plants are those that were growing here when the settlers first arrived and have adapted to the environmental conditions of this region over a long period of time.  This gives them an advantage over introduced species by being resistant to drought, insects, and diseases and are ideal for growing in a natural garden

  Why should someone consider native plants?  It is advantageous to use native plants because they require less maintenance than horticultural varieties that have not adapted to our local weather patterns and soil conditions.

  Also, native plants create more diverse habitats for wildlife, attracting more than 3 times the number of beneficial insects than non-native plants.

  Here is a short list of some of the more popular native plants:

SHRUBS                                                                TREES                                       PERENNIALS

Blueberry                                                           Amelanchier                                      Lady Fern

Clethra                                                               River Birch                                       Christmas Fern

Inkberry Holly                                                    Dogwood                                         Jack-in-the-pulpit

Itea                                                                    Red Maple                                       Cardinal Flower

Winterberry                                                        Redbud                                             Butterfly Weed

Arrowwood Virburnum                                      Witch Hazel                                       Blue Bells

                                                                          Tulip Poplar                                      Jewelweed

                                                                          Willow Oak                                       Carex

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