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Wow!  English lavender is one of my favorite perennials and for many reasons. 
Lavender is considered an herb because of its fragrance.  All parts of the plant are strongly aromatic.  Sprigs of lavender brought inside the house can provide a soothing aromatic scent.  It is easy to care for when planted in full sun with well draining soil.  Lavender will grow to be a couple feet tall and wide so it is quite showy plant when used in a perennial border, herb garden, or vegetable garden.    There are many very hardy varieties of lavender that will bloom for most of the summer with either dark blue to lavender color flowers.  These flowers are so wonderful in that they attract our beloved honey bees and butterflies.  These flowers make good cut flowers and when dried will still retain their color.
Lavender can tolerate drought conditions and is best grown with a pH somewhere above 6.4.  Lavender has gray-green foliage and is an upright grower.
For many of you, one of the best characteristics of lavender is that it is deer resistant.  Deer do not like the scent.  Matter of fact, planting lavender as a border can help protect other plants from deer damage.
One maintenance tip is to avoid pruning back after late summer.  And, you should cut lavender back heavily in the early spring (to about 6 inches) every 2 or 3 years in order to keep the plant from getting straggly.
For all the reasons mentioned above you now know why Lavender is one of my favorite perennials.
                                                                HAPPY GARDENING!!
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