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Who doesn’t hear Katharine Hepburn’s  distinctive voice saying that line from the movie “Stage Door” when you see a calla lily.  As I recall, in the film she had some trouble with her line, and I it’s lucky for her that she did not have to say “the Zantedeschia aethiopicas are in bloom again…”, that being the botanical for the Calla.  While these beautiful flowers do not make good houseplants, as a temporary or seasonal plant, they are well worth the cost.  They can also be planted out in the garden after frost to enjoy for the summer.

The original calla (Z. aethiopica) is a white-flowered plant growing from 1 to 3 feet in height, but many wonderful smaller hybrids are available in yellows, pinks, lavenders, maroon and deep purple, some with solid green leaves and others with speckled leaves.  We carry them periodically throughout the year to be used as gifts for many occasions, and the flowers tend to last for two to three weeks inside.  Some people manage to keep a few more blooms coming up, but the plant is not really happy inside.

Keep a flowering calla in bright indirect light to direct morning sun and allow the surface soil to dry between waterings.  If the plant remains healthy until after frost, it can be planted outside in a partly sunny or dappled sun location.  Fertilize regularly.  At the end of the summer, dig and store the tubers for the next spring.  Otherwise, discard the plant and purchase a pretty new one to enjoy inside.
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