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Coreopsis, sometimes referred to as Tickseed, is a great, sun-loving, native perennial.  Tickseed seems such an unattractive nickname for such a beautiful perennial.  Why Tickseed?  Their little seed resembles a tick and it is the common term used to describe plants that have seeds that stick to clothing, fur, or other surfaces when brushed up against.
                There are many varieties of Coreopsis to choose from with most blooming yellow.  They are beginning to put on quite a colorful show now.  Coreopsis is clump forming with tall flower stems.  They have daisy-like flowers and have a long bloom period.  Coreopsis, being a native perennial, will naturalize an area very nicely.  Coreopsis is one of the longest bloomers in the garden.  It will bloom from late spring to midsummer in our area or longer as long as it’s deadheaded.  And, they are very low maintenance.  Coreopsis is good for cut flowers and will tolerate dry conditions and dry soil.
                Besides attracting butterflies, if you love to watch birds then you really need to plant some coreopsis.  I have a natural area full of coreopsis along my driveway.  When in flower, I love to watch the finches gather on the flowers as they eat the seed.
                And, for those of you who have deer issues, coreopsis is a perennial that is rarely damaged by deer.
                Have I given you enough information to encourage you to plant coreopsis?  The only thing missing from my blog is a picture.  But, come to our nursery and marvel at our selection of coreopsis that we have to offer and you will see why I chose coreopsis as my perennial highlight for June.
There are no happier folks than plant lovers and none more generous than those who garden.”
                                                                        Ernest Wilson
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