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The Perennial Plant Association (PPA) established June as Perennial Garden Month for good, sound reasoning.
One reason for selecting June as Perennial Garden Month is that most avid gardeners have finished planting their vegetable gardens and planting their summer annuals and now can concentrate their efforts on adding perennials to the gardens.  A second reason behind this decision is that most perennials are now growing well in the pot and many perennials are showing beautiful colorful blooms.
Perennials are plants that grow and flower every year and only need to be planted once!  They die back to the ground in late fall and winter, but the roots remain alive and will produce new foliage in the spring.  Some of the more popular perennials include Daylilies, hostas, herbs, grasses, sedum, and so many more – now is the time to concentrate on your perennial plantings.
It is important to choose plants that are appropriate to your garden site.  You need to determine whether your garden site is sun or shade or partial shade and sun.  This exposure will determine what perennials will do best.  Remember:  RIGHT PLANT / RIGHT LOCATION.
We have many perennials that are considered native plants.  Planting native plants has been a huge gardening trend these past few years.  Na├»ve plants are those that were growing here when the settlers first arrived and have adapted to the environmental conditions of this region over a long period of time.  This gives them an advantage over introduced species by being resistant to drought, insects, and disease and are ideal for growing in a natural garden.   Here is a small list of some native perennials:
  1.  Maidenhair Fern                     8.  Coreopsis
  2. Lady Fern                                    9.  Bluebells
  3. Royal Fern                                   10.  Butterfly Weed
  4. Christmas Fern                          11.  Cardinal Flower
  5. Carex grass                                 12.  Jack-in-the-pulpit
  6. Acorus grass                               13.  Solomon’s Seal
  7. Aquilegia                                     14.  Spiderwort
With our current rainfall to start the month of June, this month is prime for planting your favorite perennials.
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