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One of my favorite tropical vines is the allamanda (A. cathartica), with its big golden trumpet flowers that open from brown buds formed at the ends of the shrubby vines.  Leathery glossy green leaves are the perfect backdrop for these showy flowers.  Usually sold trained on a trellis, this is a vigorous grower and a reliable bloomer all summer in full sun.  I think it easily rivals other popular members of the Apocynaceae family (Mandevilla, plumeria, and oleander) in beauty.

Native to Brazil, this summer patio plant can be pruned back and wintered over inside in a sunny window.  Over the summer, fertilize regularly and keep the soil moist with good drainage.  While it can grow to 10 feet or more, you can prune vines back after flowering to control the size.  New growth is quick to appear followed by new flower buds.

There is an attractive smaller-flowered smaller-leaved shrub allamanda (A. neriifolia) that is also an attractive patio plant, requiring the same care as its vining relative.  Incidentally, the milky sap of the allamanda is toxic if ingested.  
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