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·         Once the dying foliage of spring flowering bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, “gives” with a gentle tug, it can be safely removed.


·         Keep up with the weeds.  Weeds love our June weather.  Do a little weeding each day.  Adding mulch can help with eliminating weeds.



·         Don’t lose sight of using good watering habits when gardening.  Water early in the morning to reduce evaporation.  Use soaker hoses in the flower and vegetable gardens.  BE WATER WISE!


·         Check for plant pests and treat:

Check your azaleas for the beginning of lacebug damage.  Lacebug damage is the white speckling on the top of the leaves with black fecal spots on the under side. If you had this problem last year then, more than likely, you will have the same problem this year.  Lacebugs are now hatching out as nymphs.  Treat your azaleas immediately after they finish blooming.  Make sure spray is on the underside of all leaves.  Treat for lacebug by using a Hort Oil or Insecticidal Soap.


Did you have bagworms on your evergreens last fall.  Bagworms spend the winter as eggs inside the bag.  Each bag could contain hundreds of eggs.  They begin to hatch now.  Upon hatching the young larvae crawl out of the bottom of the bag and start to feed.  Now is the time to apply a chemical control.  I recommend the products by Bonide called THURICIDE, or EIGHT, or CAPTAIN JACK’S DEAD BUG.


·         Add a birdbath to your garden for our feathered friends.  Keep the water fresh.

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