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For the past two summers, I have come home at the end of a long hot summer day, only to see the soul soothing little pond next to my front door.  I used a beautiful deep blue ceramic container, filled it with water, and placed a dwarf papyrus and a few floating aquatic plants in it.  I also added a fairly life-like frog, which I positioned on a pseudo lily pad.  (Once a real frog suddenly jumped my direction from the pond, which not only startled me, but, for a few seconds, completely mystified me—I thought my ceramic frog had come to life!)  Adding a chunk of mosquito dunk kept it from being a breeding ground for those blood-sucking monsters.

I am not fortunate enough to have an electrical outlet near my door, or I would most certainly have added a “spitter” so that I could enjoy the sound of splashing water.  Alas, this past winter cracked my beautiful pot, so that I have to start over this year.  It is my own fault, as I was too lazy to empty the pond and store the pot for the winter.

This kind of little oasis in the hot desert of summer can be any size or shape, and is easy to maintain—just add water occasionally to compensate for evaporation.  Most plants can be grown in water…remember the beta fish/peace lily fad a few years back?  This means you can use many different tropical plants to give your pond an exotic feel: peace lilies, anthuriums, dracaenas, etc.  Just remove all of the soil by gently washing the roots with your hose, and then place your plants into small pots of lava rock or other stones to hold them in place.  The pots can then be submerged, keeping the crown of the plant just above the water.  Aquatic plants can go directly into your pond, soil and all!

Your little pond may attract dragonflies, frogs, birds, or other thirsty creatures.  Just don’t forget to mosquito-proof your water, or your little oasis won’t be the soothing little piece of paradise you intended!

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