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Here are just a few chores that we need to work on this month. 
Many plants will burst with color and growth this time of year and then begin their dormancy cycle as fall approaches.  Keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading, keeping them well watered and weeded.  Weeds are growing furiously as well because they love and thrive in the heat and sunlight.
  1.  Apply extra waterings to newly planted plants or to those particularly susceptible to heat stress. 
  2. Don’t be a victim of the drought.  Proper watering means deep soaking.  Water early in the day to reduce the evaporation rate so that less water is lost to the atmosphere.  Use irrigation tools like soaker hoses and treegators.  We have them both available right now in our Garden Pharmacy. Slow drip irrigation and deep root watering systems reduce water loss by up to 60%.
  3. Watch for insect damage throughout your garden.  We are seeing many insects in the Richmond area this time of year  -  Japanese Beetles, Apids, and Lace bug just to name a few.  At the first sight of damage, collect a sample and bring it to us for analysis.  We will suggest options to best suit your needs.
  4. Deadhead perennials and annuals throughout the season to keep your plants beautiful and inviting for butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects.  This may also encourage another round of blooms!!
  5. Do not fertilize tall fescue lawns this time of year.  Our cool season grass is going dormant for the summer.  September will be the month to start revitalizing our lawns.
  6. Have you noticed so trees, like maple trees, dropping some leaves?  Trees may lose up to 10% of their leaves during the hot summer months.  This helps reduce water lost from the tree by transpiration.  This is very natural – nothing is wrong with our trees.
  7. If you have been pinching back your chrysanthemums this summer, mid-July is the time to stop so they will be able to develop flower buds for the fall.
Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Take notes of what went so absolutely right in your gardens this year, as well as what went so disappointingly wrong!!!
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