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BONNIE'S GARDEN--5 Ways to be Absolutely Sure You Kill That New Houseplant...

So you really wanted a lamp but bought a houseplant instead.  Do this and you'll get rid of that pesky plant in no time.

1—Don’t bother finding out what kind of conditions your new plant needs.  If it matches your living room or you know it’s going to look great in that windowless bathroom, go for it.  Make it adapt to YOUR conditions.  Even though the tag (or the person who helped you select the plant) says “sun” put that new plant anywhere you like.  That nice dark corner behind the sofa?  Go for it.  Across the room from a window that never gets any sun?  Great.  The foliage will start turning yellow—but, hey, more color, right? 

2—You’re really busy and, besides, you don’t like getting your finger dirty, so don’t bother checking the soil to see if it’s dry to the touch.  Go ahead, just pour that water on there—even if you just watered two days ago.  Oh, and when you do water it, be sure that you pour enough water on it so the plant can sit in water in the saucer for days.  That way you won’t have to worry about watering it again any time soon. Or, you can go the other route and tell your plant that you’ve decided it’s a cactus and not water it but a cupful every two or three weeks. 

3—Repot your new plant as soon as you get it home.  Plant it several inches deeper and in a pot lots wider than the one it is currently.  Maybe it’ll get bigger faster if you give it room.

4—Don’t read directions on your fertilizer, fungicide, or pesticide.  Why bother?  Just do what you feel like doing.  If feeding a little is good, then more must be better.  And, if you do have an insect problem, go ahead and drench the plant in pesticide.  What’s a little poison among friends?

5—if you decide to put the plant outside for the summer, be sure to put it out in beating hot sun.  Why bother letting it get used to the sun gradually?  It just takes time—and what’s a little sunburn, anyway?

Do these five things and you’ll be able to toss that new plant in no time and get that lamp instead…

What?  You don’t want to kill your plant?  Well, in that case, try this:

1--Find out the conditions that will ensure your plant will flourish and do your best to meet those conditions.  Read the tag carefully or - even better - consult your expert plant guide at the Great Big Greenhouse. Follow their advice.

2—Check the soil with your finger before watering to be sure it is , at least, dry on the surface—or further down--depending on the plant.  Never let plants sit in water longer than 15 or 20 minutes.  Pour or siphon the extra water out. 

3—The vast majority of houseplants DON’T need to be repotted right away.  Take your new plant home and give it a few weeks to settle in before you disturb the roots.  When you do repot, remember to never pot the plant any deeper than it is already and never go up more than an inch or two at a time.  And remember, unless a plant is seriously pot-bound, it may be happy in the original container for a year or longer.  You can always ask a garden center employee for advice, if you're not sure.

4—Always read label directions on any product you’re going to use on your plant.  More is NEVER better.  Too much fertilizer can kill delicate little roots and too much fungicide/pesticide might well damage the plant you’re trying to help.

5—Most of our houseplants love time outdoors during the summer, but need to be inched into the sun gradually.  They can sunburn just like we can.

You didn’t really want that new lamp anyway.  It can’t possibly light up your environment the way a plant can!

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