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Along with the Calathea of last week, another Marantaceae family houseplant is the Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura), so named for its ability to “fold” its leaves as if in prayer in low-light conditions.  This low-growing herbaceous tropical is native to Brazil.  There are several species that sport different marking and coloration, but all are attractive foliage plants.  Small white flowers with purple markings appear occasionally. 

The prayer plant prefers moderate to bright indirect light.  Strong sunlight bleaches out the color in the leaves.  Allow the soil to dry slightly between thorough waterings and provide good drainage.  This plant is sensitive to chlorine and fluorine in our water systems, so if rainwater or distilled water is not an option, use day-old water and leach the soil periodically to remove any soluble salts that may cause tip burn.  Do not over-pot these slow-growing foliage plants.

Prayer plants need warm temperatures and prefer higher humidity.  They tend to go semi-dormant in winter, so give them brighter light at that time to see them through this cooler short-day period.  Prayer plants show nicely as a pot plant or in a hanging basket.     
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