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ALERT !!  -  JAPANESE BEETLES ARE HERE!  I have had two different customers come into the garden center this past week reporting the sighting of Japanese Beetles on their roses and other plants.  Now is the time to protect your plants from damage.
  1.  Once Bearded Iris and Daylilies are finished blooming, now is a good time to dig up any overcrowded plants and divide and transplant.
  2. Look for any areas with standing water in your landscape and remove or empty before mosquitoes make their home.   Also, MOSQUITO DUNKS are great to use in birdbaths and ponds to kill the mosquito larva.
  3. We are now entering July with much needed rainfall that occurred in late June.  But, July can turn hot and dry so be sure to use sensible and conservative watering habits to care for your plants and lawn.  
  4. Hot, dry weather conditions can bring out spider mites.  Inspect your needled evergreens, such as junipers, dwarf Alberta Spruce, and others for any pale green coloration and the beginning of brown needles.  Protect your plants by applying a recommended miticide.  TIP: WHEN HAND WATERING ALWAYS GIVE THESE EVERGREENS A FORCEFUL WATER BATH.
  5. Don’t pinch back your mums after mid July.  Let your mums begin forming flower heads for fall blooming.
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