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It’s nice to think that something as simple as a rooted cutting could bring luck to you or your home.  The “luck” associated with these cuttings of Dracaena sanderiana comes from the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui.  Practitioners of Feng Shui believe that a life energy, called “chi”, flows through the world, and as long as this energy can flow freely, the world is in harmony, balanced.  This flow can become blocked, and Feng Shui practices are used to restore the flow.  A balanced environment leads to health, wealth, and good fortune.   Lucky bamboo is just one way to “unblock” the flow of chi in your home or office.

Not a true bamboo, the lucky bamboo is a relative of the popular houseplants Corn Plant, Janet Craig, and other dracaenas.  The variegated D. sanderiana is a popular addition to dish gardens.  Stems of lucky bamboo, cuttings of green Dracaena sanderiana, are rooted and sold as individual bare-root cuttings or arranged artistically in glass or ceramic containers.  Rocks or glass beads are used to stabilize the cuttings in their pots.  A few inches of water are sufficient to grow lucky bamboo, and the water should be changed weekly.

Growers spend some time creating the spiral stems of some lucky bamboo cuttings.  The pieces are laid horizontally on a flat surface and gradually rotated so that the top of the stem is always heading toward a light source, creating the curl.  Young, supple stems are often woven into lattice-like patterns.  A perfect Feng Shui arrangement would include the lucky bamboo, rocks, water, something red like a ribbon or red string, and a glass container.  This would insure that the arrangement represented the elements of wood, earth, water, fire, and metal.

If you are not into Feng Shui, a few pieces of lucky bamboo in a pretty vase make a nice accent for a small space.  You can also grow Dracaena sanderiana in potting soil.  Use a container with a drainage hole, and allow soil to dry partially between waterings.  Provide bright light, but avoid direct mid-day to afternoon sun. 

Whether your plant brings you luck or not, lucky bamboo is an attractive, easy care houseplant that requires minimum attention and takes up very little space.  Good Luck!  

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