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It is now mid-July and we all know what that means in Virginia when it comes to the heat and dryness.   Here are some smart, logical, and water saving tips to keep all your plants happy and thriving:

·         Water early in the day will reduce the evaporation rate so that less water is lost to the atmosphere.

·         Water thoroughly and deeply will encourage deeper rooting and a greater tolerance to dry spells.

·         Adding a new layer of mulch will help in reducing water loss to evaporation.  And, mulch helps to inhibit the growth of weeds that compete for available water.

·         Use irrigation tools like soaker hoses and treegators.  Slow drip irrigation and deep root watering systems reduce water loss by up to 60%.

·         Add organic matter to the soil when planting this summer.  Organic matter will aid the plants with deeper root growth.

·         Apply water sensors to your irrigation system so that it doesn’t run when the soil is already moist.  Also, run the irrigation system early in the morning and never during the heat of the day.


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