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BONNIE'S GARDEN--More Reasons Why I Plant Seeds

One of the things I look forward to the most, this time of year, is picking out seeds for my summer garden.  It’s a vivid reminder that spring is coming.  I’ve already got the seed packets for my favorites on my desk, waiting to go home.  The seeds for my favorite cucumbers and green beans I’ll just hold onto until mid-May when I sow them directly in the garden.  The seeds for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant I’ll start indoors in another three or four weeks. 
Starting seeds indoors is ridiculously easy.  All you really need is a sunny window and a seed-starting potting medium.  I’m blessed with a sunny window, but if all I had was a window with part-sun, I’d simply add a plant light to kick it up.  So why do I start seeds instead of waiting until the little plants are available later?
Well, the incredible number of varieties to choose from, for one thing.  Some of my very favorite plants I’ve never seen offered except in seeds.  And, when I grow from seeds, I know how it was grown, who has handled it and exactly what, if anything, was used on it.
My favorite tomatoes offered only in seeds—
Matt’s Wild Cherry—small ½” intensely sweet and flavorful tomatoes.
Green Grape—1 ½” cherry tomatoes ripen to a chartreuse green, inside are a vivid emerald green. 
Pretty in salads and delicious off the vine.
Pineapple—a yellow/gold tomato with red streaks, it’s pretty and very sweet.
Garden Peach—a yellow tomato blushed with red that has soft fuzzy skin, like a peach.  Very flavorful and, if picked green just before the first frost will hold well.
Favorite peppers available only in seeds—
Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Pepper—shaped like a long red cayenne but without the heat.  Prolific intensely sweet and flavorful fruits.
Carolina Wonder—a nematode-resistant sweet pepper that is sweet, even when picked green.
Aji Dulce—is what is called a Spice Pepper.  It looks much like a Habanero pepper but with only the barest trace of heat.  It’s sweet with a slight peppery undertone.
Other favorites, available only in seeds—
Cucamelon.  What in the world is a cucamelon?  Also called Mouse Melon or Mexican Sour Gherkin, it’s a cucumber relative that bears prolific amounts of grape-sized fruits that look like tiny watermelons, but taste like cucumbers when immature.  When mature, they taste almost like cucumber pickles!  They’re fun to grow and almost never make it in the house because you wind up snacking on them in the yard! 
Suyo Long Cucumber—an Asian cucumber that grows 15 to 18” long.  It’s thin-skinned (never needs peeling) and burpless.  I use this to make quarts of refrigerator pickles and it’s great for fresh eating, too.
There are dozens upon dozens of other varieties I like but no longer have the room to try.  And I haven’t even touched on the varieties of favorite flowers I love—how about a dozen or more different varieties of zinnias, rather than the three or four you usually find in starter plants?  Two or three dozen varieties of sunflowers, rather than one or two?  A dozen varieties of morning glories or marigolds?  Unusual and beautiful flowers like Hyacinth Bean Vine or Cardinal Climber?
Our fresh 2017 seeds have just arrived.  Come in and pick out your favorites—or try one of mine!
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Bonnie Pega
I do carry all of these varieties.
1/27/2017 3:59:53 PM

Do you carry these tomato & pepper variety seeds in the store?
1/27/2017 7:06:42 AM

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