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Like most folks, I feel a little let-down after all of the preparations for the holidays.  For some people, the adrenaline is still pumping through New Year's Eve.  But for me, the day after Christmas is a little depressing...all the clean-up from fun with family and friends.  My therapy is extra sleep and sprucing up my houseplants.

Barely tended for the last month, my plants really appreciate a nice shower with slightly warm water.  Dead leaves are removed, and I look them over for signs of infestation or disease.  This is also a good time to rotate plants that are leaning toward the windows so that they can straighten up a little.  Drainage saucers get a nice washing, too.  Then I stand back and admire the healthy ones and say a little prayer for the not so healthy ones.  I hope they are feeling better, 'cause I sure am.
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