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I love Hellebores.  The top reason for this affection is that this evergreen, hardy perennial blooms during the winter.  My hellebores are just beginning to bloom.  And, this recent  cold January weather has no effect on this plant.
                So, to add some winter interest to your shade garden you need to look at the hellebores.  Hellebores make an excellent choice for a part to full shade area.  They are rarely bothered by insects or diseases.  In fact, even the deer tend to ignore these evergreen, early blooming beauties.
                One of the most popular and easiest to grow are the Oriental hybrid hellebores.  Their common name is Lenten rose because they bloom around the beginning of Lent.  The “Lenten Rose” blooms in a variety of colors including green, cream, pink, and maroon.
                We carry many HGC hellebores.  HGC stands for Hellebore Gold Collection.  The HGC collection includes many varieties of hellbore niger and other hybrids and are propagated by division and not be their flower seed.  By propagating from division guarantees the variety identity.  Each HGC variety must pass stringent criteria before they are received in the collection.
                To insure a healthy hellebore means planting it in the right location and with the right soil amendments.  Hellebores are a shade loving evergreen perennial.  They require a well-drained soil that is rich with organic matter.  So, my suggestion is to add some Leaf-Gro Compost along with some Black Kow at the time of planting.
                Hellebores are one of my favorite shade perennials.  Once planted correctly, it becomes low maintenance.  Once you plant one or two it is easy to see why gardeners add more hellebores to their gardens.
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