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Here are a few gardening chores that should be done during the month of February:
  1.  February is the month to prune fruit trees.  When pruning be sure to remove any dead wood.  Also, remove any crossing branches or branches that are rubbing against one another. 
  2. After pruning your fruit trees, February is the month to apply a dormant oil spray, such as BONIDE ALL SEASONS Horticultural SPRAY OILDormant oil spray in February is very effective in controlling insects that are harboring on the trunk and limbs.  Dormant oil work to suffocate the pest by covering them with a thin layer of oil.  Just keep in mind to read the label and you will read that you need to use a dormant oil spray on days that the temperature is above 40 degrees.
  3. February is a good month to take advantage of nice, warm, sunny days and walk your gardens and enjoy some outside exercise.
  4. February is a key month to prune rose bushes, such as the very popular KnockOut roses.  Prune down the canes to about 12-18 inches tall while leaving 3 to 5 strong canes.
  5. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to cut your liriope to as close to ground as possible.
  6. Don’t forget our birds.  Don’t stop feeding our feathered friends.  They are dependent on our providing food for them in February.
  7. Toward the end of February, in Central Virginia, be sure to apply a crabgrass pre-emergence. 
  8. Another chore the end of February is to prune our evergreen shrubs, such as boxwoods, hollies, conifers, etc. if needed.  And, this is a good time to feed our evergreens with a good, quality food such as the ESPOMA HOLLY TONE or PLANT TONE to get them ready to the approaching growing season.
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