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BONNIE'S GARDEN--A Winter Walk Around My Yard

This past weekend, I took some time to walk around my yard and see what was going on.  All that nice exceptionally warm December weather did affect some things in my yard.  I had to behead a couple of fat broccoli heads—the buds had begun to open!  I cut the heads off and, hopefully, they’ll produce some nice side-shoots, instead. 

The weeds have loved this warm weather and had sprouted in several places in my garden, so I took my trusty little hoe and chopped them out.  I also cleaned some leftover leaves and twigs out—I like to keep my garden clean over the winter so insect eggs and mold spores have nowhere to hide. 

My wintering-over rosemary, thyme, and catnip still looked fat and pretty, so I took a very few cuttings—not too much this time of year.  Heavy pruning these plants in winter can make the plant focus on producing new growth on a milder winter day which won’t have time to harden off before a cold night. However a couple of sprigs of rosemary and thyme tossed in with some oven-roasted potatoes----mmm!  And the cats did appreciate a couple of catnip stems to play with.

In the front yard, my early (specie) crocuses are blooming.  I’ve had them bloom in January before—but never this early!  They’ll be fine, though.  And even though I have daffodil foliage popping up all over the place, they’ll be fine, too.  No, I don’t cover them or otherwise try to protect them.  

‚ÄčMost spring-blooming bulbs are really tough as nails and handle weird weather just fine.  This should not affect whether or not they bloom this spring, either.  The flower buds are formed independently of the leaves so will generally bloom whenever they get their required period of chilling.  Whether or not an April daffodil blooms in February or April has to do with what Mother Nature does for the next few weeks—not with what Mother Natures does right now.

Since I can’t control whatever Mother Nature decides to do for the next couple of months, I will try to control what I can.  I can protect those few plants which might take a hit if it gets in the single digits (my rosemary, lavender and hardy gardenia); keep the weeds down in my wintering over veggie garden; and try to control myself when I start digging through those enticing new seed racks.
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