Fresh Start

My New Year’s resolutions usually involve dieting or budgeting.  This year I think my resolution will be to take better care of my houseplants!  While I love tropical plants, I’m usually too tired to give them the attention they deserve at the end of a workday.  I own some interesting and unusual foliage plants that generally thrive outside in the summer and then struggle through the winter in a perpetual state of near death (I imagine them suffering out-of-body experiences.)

I promise to give them more consistent care this winter—regular waterings, occasional soil leaching, showers in the kitchen sink, haircuts and debugging as needed, etc.  I may even fertilize my orchids for a change!  All this can be a pleasant way to pass the time on my day off or early in the mornings when my energy level is high.  Of course, I’ll have to shut the cats up in the spare room…they like to help!

Winter is a time of slower growth for most indoor plants, but they still appreciate good cultural care to keep them healthy and attractive until the days lengthen and they can start a new season of vigorous growth.  Maybe spending a little more time tending to my plants will help slow down my own vigorous growth by helping me to burn a few more calories!  
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