If you purchase a small flowering azalea from the garden center, grocery store or florist, it is probably a non-hardy variety commonly called Azalea indica or “Belgian indica”.  These tender hybrids are grown in greenhouses and sold as potted flowering plants for Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas or other special occasions.  They are available in bush form or as small topiaries, and make attractive houseplants when given proper care.  I kept two braided trunk azaleas in a northwest window for several years, and they flowered intermittently throughout the year, although not with the dense head of flowers the growers manage to produce.

Bright indirect light is ideal, and supply even moisture with good drainage.  You will need to fertilize regularly throughout the year to keep flowers coming.  Prune to shape as needed when not in bloom.  Topiary forms should stay in a smaller container that balances the height and width of the flower head, but bush forms can be potted up in size as they grow. 
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