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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  -  Chinese Proverb
                Now is the time to plan you’re landscaping for the upcoming growing season.  And with this plan I would like to encourage everyone to find a spot to plant a tree or two this spring.  Too many people take an attitude that what I do or don’t do will not make a difference with our environment.  That’s the wrong attitude.  We need to start looking at taking care of nature and doing whatever we can to protect our future. Collectively we can make a difference.
                We are all aware of the fact that trees are needed for human survival.  Trees help create our oxygen and they filter our water.  Plain and simple – without trees we could not survive.  Every day we are losing trees for various reasons such as to population growth, wildfires, and developments.  The National Arbor Foundation has been working hard to bring awareness of the importance for all of us to do our best to protect our trees and to plant trees whenever and wherever possible. 
                If you believe, as I do, that trees are an investment in human mankinds’ future, then you want to become a member of the ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION.  For an annual membership fee of $15.00 you will receive 10 tree seedlings of your choice.  How great is that!  You can plant these trees on your property or give them to a local park or school for planting.  And, a membership can make a great gift to someone special.
                So, my challenge to everyone is to show your support and join the Arbor Day Foundation, receive you free ten tree seedlings, take advantage of the upcoming spring planting season and plant these seedlings, and enjoy the fact that this small act of planting is helping the future of mankind.
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